Privacy Policy

BeWorst uses browser cookies to prevent a user from voting more than once per round (and with a bit of thought it shouldn't be difficult to circumvent that, but given that you're the kind of person who reads privacy policies you already knew all that).

How Votes Are Processed

BeWorst uses the aforementioned cookies to determine whether a given user has already voted in a round.

BeWorst processes the votes only to update the totals for each "match", but does not store individual votes after that. All BeWorst knows about each user is which rounds the user participated in, but doesn't know how he or she voted in it.

BeWorst identifies users by their IP Address and browser User-Agent. BeWorst allows for more than one such user to use the site; imagine a monocultural household all using same-version phones behind a single router: they can all vote, which is why BeWorst uses cookies to distingiush each member of said household.

Note that because this information is related to a particular American election, BeWorst is treating the votes by people using American IP addresses differently from everyone else. You others aren't being ignored, just ... diverted.


BeWorst doesn't know who you are, and doesn't want to. You might have noticed there's no login or signup button on the site. Nor are there any beacons from those other social networks. BeWorst will be ecstatic if you use such social networks to talk about this site, and you can even try to get @BeWorst's attention on twitter, but there's no guarantee you'll get a response. Rest assured that BeWorst happily acknowledges your existence.