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How It Works

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How WrapMaster Works


How to Load and Use the WrapMaster


Open Wrapmaster unitOPEN UNIT by pressing the locking device on the front of the unit.

Press side buttons PRESS AND HOLD side buttons and gently pull carriage forward.

Insert adaptors INSERT rod and gray adapter into roll of plastic wrap or aluminum foil. Twist the adapter lightly as needed.

Replace endcaps Replace orange end cap onto end of aluminum rod.

Cardboard roll too small If the cardboard core is too small for the gray adapters, just use the orange end caps.

Lock carraige back Position ROLL back in unit and PULL OUT a short length. Lock the carriage back. Now you're ready to use the WrapMaster.

Close the lid To close the lid, hold lid closed and slide button up.

Press and cut PULL OUT the desired length.
PRESS LID DOWN for a tangle free, neat, and safe cut every time!

Think outside the box – Wrap Faster with the WRAPMASTER!

Got a question about WrapMaster? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions page, or use our contact form to send us your questions, comments, or for more information about WrapMaster products.